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Let your voice be heard.

Do you yearn to find freedom and authenticity in your voice?


Are you looking for creative ways to practice mindfulness?
Learning to sing or speak genuinely in front of others can feel daunting, intimidating or even downright scary.
Join me and I’ll introduce you to a powerful way of accessing the natural beauty of your own voice. 
Through the gifts of a mindful, judgment free approach to singing, we will unlock the power and wonder of one of the most natural instruments of your divine self expression.  Learn to intone your prayers by softening the body, listening with spacious receptivity, and allowing the power of life to breathe you into complete surrender.  Together we will effortlessly explore the potency of melody, harmony and rhythm as a focused lens for self liberation and deep, bonding connection with other vocal explorers.  Let’s sing for liberation, love and healing for ourselves and all beings.
Please consider registering for a free vocal journey with me... I promise you won't regret it.  There's no strings attached, just an opportunity to start practicing a new way of showing up for yourself.  I offer the first journey for free, and then monthly journeys by donation.  I also offer monthly interviews with exceptional devotional singers, as well as a host of other free YouTube content for daily practice and self care. 
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