Covid Policy December 2021


With respect to the public health authority, I feel that gathering to practice important rituals requires both taking, and mitigating the risk of spreading Covid.  To me it feels worthwhile because we need to be able to gather, free ourselves from the long term effects of isolation, societal stress, and touch into our Inner Teacher and the Universal Awareness through the power of music.


At my events, which are considered worship services, as an acting minister, it's important to me that people attending take extra pre-cautions:


• Try to keep your exposure to people outside your normal circle down 72 hrs before coming - if you’re feeling unwell in any way, with deep and sincere respect please don’t attend.


• Salt water gargles, neti pot on the regular…. (Neti pot can be purchased at London Drugs if you don’t have one already… highly recommended)


• Consider bringing a blanket, as I might have doors or open at the front/back to help with air flow.  We’ll keep the heat on but still, good to be cozy.  Seating will be arranged spaciously and I encourage you to sit closely to only those you’re in a bubble with.

• Please look for/get consent before approaching and/or hugging people.  It’s difficult because the power of this journey melts the boundaries we have built up with people… but please be sure it’s ok to lean in before leaning in.
• Depending on the situation we may have a check in for each person to define what their needs are in order to feel safe regarding Covid.  This requires people to define their own personal Covid protocol with regards to personal space, hygiene, consent, and vaccination.  Everyone has the right to their own opinion and the requirement of attending these events is that you respect and honour each person without judgment or criticism.
• If you feel particularly sensitive to the beliefs and practices of others who differ from yours, and that your needs require others to believe and practice Covid safety the way you do, then I respectfully ask that you not attend out of the need for unity in the space of devotional worship. 


For those who aren't vaccinated, I’ve attached a really helpful non-vaccine based Covid protocols document approved by my ND, Dr. Bonnie Nedrow, who’s studied vaccination technology for over a decade and is president the National Association of Environmental Medicine in the US.  These are Covid protocols that don’t require vaccination.  


I’m also in full support of vaccination and am myself vaccinated.  This is my own personal choice and I share it not to get into any kind of debate about your choice, your thoughts or your beliefs… but instead to help shed some light on the fact that we all have our own choices to make based on our perspectives and the information we have available to us at any given time. 

Respecting your own personal protocols while respecting the sovereign choices of others is a requirement of attending this event. 


I truly am grateful for this practice, our community and know we can create a space free of fear, with only love for the Universal Awareness that lives within all of us, while recognizing the uniquely human journey we are all on in this lifetime.