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Let your voice be heard.

Is your mind constantly filled with distracting thoughts?
Do you sometimes find it difficult to focus while experiencing inner calmness and serenity?
Are you looking for creative ways to learn how to practice mindfulness?
Relaxing the mind and quieting obsessive thinking can be difficult.
Learning to sing or speak authentically can feel vulnerable, intimidating or even downright scary.
Soften the body, listen unconditionally, allow life to breathe us into total surrender... and then sing for absolute freedom.  If I could live my life over, this is one practice I would have started when I first discovered music as a teenager.
Every moment we spent not present, obsessed by distracting thoughts, feelings and actions, is a moment we regret, wishing we’d been able to enjoy being present in our lives more.
People who are dying often look back and wish they’d found freedom from recurring thoughts of the past and future.  This vocal journeying practice is one of the most powerful ways I’ve found to accomplish this with ease, joy, self care, acceptance and unconditional love.
I’ve been studying and practicing both music and the healing arts for over 25 years.  My story begins with extreme, near death trauma on multiple occasions.  These experiences drove me to discover the healing power of my voice and my breath… which I’ve thankfully shared with millions of people all over the world through the expression of my music. 
But along the way I lost touch with the source of creativity itself.  This practice reunited me with a beautifully sovereign connection to music, life and love in ways that I never could have imagined.

Much of life we spend feeling disconnected, isolated, alone.  Many people experience fear, anxiety, depression, doubt, low self-esteem and self worth issues.  This way of singing together touches and heals all those parts of ourselves and helps to remind us at our core that we belong, just the way we are, that we’re beautiful, powerful and never alone, never not separate from the healing, creative power of life. 
It helps us to access our authenticity and express that in our speaking and singing voice, without having to learn the technical aspects of music theory, harmony, melody and rhythm.  It allows us to tune into the music that we already are and focus our self expression while finding true freedom. 

This practice also connects us, and develops a deep bond with other like minded individuals.  Allowing us to further understand and experience that we are not alone, and that many other people share the same desire for connection that we do.

If this sounds compelling to you, please consider registering for a free vocal journey with me and other like minded vocal pioneers.  I promise you won't regret it.  There's no strings attached, just an opportunity to start practicing a new way of showing up for yourself.  I offer the first journey for free, and then monthly journeys by donation (aka "Dana").  I also offer monthly interviews with exceptional devotional singers, as well as a host of other free YouTube content for daily practice and self care.